Token Distribution


$KOKOMO will be distributed to the community holders since there was No Pre-sale, No VC, No Institution in KokomoSwap.
  • 15% to the team address for the dev team and future team building.
  • 15% to the growth & community address for the ecosystem building, community growth, SAFU(Secure Asset Fund for Users), etc.
  • 70% to the liquidity providers who commit to the KokomoSwap.

Pre-Minted $KOKOMO?

Only 7,000,000 $KOKOMO are pre-minted on the launching date for necessary use, such as providing early liquidity to pools. Unused $KOKOMO will be burned. (the equivalent of $175,000 BUSD on the launching date)
  • 2,000,000 $KOKOMO is provided for initial liquidity supply for the KOKOMO-BUSD pool with some BUSD. Since there is no supply of $KOKOMO to anyone, liquidity is only provided by the development team. The team will not sell pre-minted KOKOMO to the market. $KOKOMO from farming by the early liquidity providers will be used for the community. Otherwise, we will burn $KOKOMO.
  • 5,000,000 $KOKOMO is for the reserves from the early $KOKOMO-BUSD liquidity. Unused tokens will be burned.


  • 40 $KOKOMO/block (1,152,000 $KOKOMO/day)
  • For the first 4 weeks from the launch date, our team will boost(activate the Full Moon) the emission rate to encourage early contributors. (more info. at https://cutt.ly/Qb0bJYw)