The Full Moon

The Full Moon defines a boosting period for the farming reward. The Full Moon will be activated when significant events such as launching, adding token pairs, and mass requests from the community. When The Full Moon is activated or a change in the Full Moon, it will be notified beforehand via our official channels.
The Full Moon adjusted Reward for a pool = (Sum of AP¹⁾s for all pools) * (AP for a pool) * Multiplier * 28 $KOKOMO ²⁾ ¹⁾ AP : Allocation Point ²⁾ Farming reward per block : 40 $KOKOMO per Block * 70% = 28 $KOKOMO
In detail, three cases of the Full Moon as follows,
  • Multiplier Boost: Boost for all $KOKOMO supply per block: Multiplier
  • Allocation Point Boost: Reward boost for a specific pool
  • Multiplier + Allocation Point Boost (simultaneously)
Calculation of basic reward pool: (Basic Reward per Pool) = (Farming Reward of all Pools) / (AP of all Pools)
Calculation of reward for specific pools with the Full Moon: (Basic Reward per Pool) * (AP of a certain Pool) * (Multiplier) = (Farming Reward of all Pools) / (AP of all Pools) * (AP of a certain Pool) * (Multiplier) = Total Reward
So, the Full Moon means how much reward is boosted by AP and Multiplier.
i.e., the Full Moon 10X meaning: (AP of a certain Pool) * (Multiplier) = 10 Basic Reward is boosted as 10X
Just relax and enjoy the Full Moon!