The Team

About KokomoSwap Team

KokomoSwap is a strong team of experienced developers and business experts with many years in blockchain and crypto fields. Most team members have expertise in tech and business development from the major blockchain project. (*CoinMarketCap Top 30, in 2021 1Q).
Since 2016, each member has a different but professional background in the crypto scene, including crypto exchanges, blockchain platform development, crypto fund, etc. As we've worked many years in the blockchain scene, we noticed that DeFi would be the next generation for the blockchain era and replace the traditional financial market. It is why we came together to launch KokomoSwap.
Our team values the community very high because it is the most significant element of building a strong ecosystem. We will closely communicate with the community and adopt its needs. From a financial perspective, we are concerned with sustainable core values(i.e., various burn & lock models), which lead to incentives and motivation of the community. The team will prove it by results.
We also encourage active community engagement; at the same time, the team will do the best to attract the market's attention to grow our ecosystem.

Why is the team anonymous?

Like many blockchain projects, especially DeFi projects are global and permissionless. We place a great deal of value on the anonymous nature of the scene. KokomoSwap speaks for itself.
Just in 4 years, the DeFi scene is the fastest growing and replacing traditional financial fields of Trading, Lending, Insurance, etc. the traditional financial services still encounter global regulations and complicated barriers. Unless we are anonymous, KokomoSwap will face the global/local regulators and spend many hours to overcome these obstacles. So that being anonymous allows us to work much more freely and focus simply on the project. Stay focused.
The anonymity will be beneficial for the community members as well. The community members who would contribute to our ecosystem will have more freedom, leading to innovation.

How to communicate with KokomoSwap Team?

Our team opened various communication channels as follows. You are always welcome to join the channels and say hello anytime.
We are open to any ideas for building our ecosystem strong. Join the community, and let's make it together!
Alert! Please be aware of fraudulent activities and scams. Neither our team nor community managers DM you first.