KokomoSwap Introduction

A fun & easy AMM DEX on Binance Smart Chain

What is KokomoSwap?

  • KokomoSwap is an AMM DEX fork of Uniswap and PancakeSwap. Therefore, our essential contracts, including Swap and Farming, are proven by the crypto community for a long time such that KokomoSwap users can manage their assets with a sense of safety and security. Moreover, the project is audited by a top-tier auditor, CertiK, that guarantees the robustness of our contracts.
  • Most cryptocurrency transactions occur on Centralized Exchanges or Ethereum based DEX. Yet, we expect a trend shift to BSC-based DEX that are faster, incur lower fees, and guarantee attractive user rewards. To encourage this shift, KokomoSwap will support cryptocurrencies with high volumes in centralized exchanges and Ethereum-based DEX. As our ecosystem evolves, we will support additional cryptocurrencies that the community wants.
  • KokomoSwap will closely communicate with the community and add various functions for the seamless and enjoyable use of the platform. This will guide us in the right direction for promoting the growth of the ecosystem and Kokomo token.
  • KokomoSwap was officially launched on May 17th, 2021 (00:00 PDT).

What differentiates KokomoSwap from others?

  • KokomoSwap is a BSC-based DEX specialized for token pairs with large communities or high volume tokens on centralized exchanges or Ethereum-based DEX.
  • The low gas fees and the fast transactions afforded by the BSC make transactions easier.
  • KokomoSwap uses code that is already long proven by the communities from UniSwap, PancakeSwap, and others.
  • KokomoSwap is designed by a strong team of developers and business experts with diverse professional experiences and a deep collective understanding of blockchain technology.
  • The team appreciates the importance of community. We will encourage community engagement and continuously add token Burn & Lock models driven by our community, which grant sophisticated incentives models for users.
  • We understand how the supply and demand of the native governance token, $KOKOMO, are significant. We will put the most effort into the sustainable growth of $KOKOMO value.
  • Our team focuses on a consistent product and communication strategy to provide an optimal user experience. On top of that, we will set key objectives and business roadmaps geared towards driving user and building project value.

Why does KokomoSwap focus on stable coin pairs(i.e., ETH - BUSD) more?

  • We plan to develop an environment focusing on stable coin pairs(such as altcoin - BUSD) and trading tokens from different platforms at a fair ratio.
  • Most DEX on BSC handle BNB - altcoin pairs from the BSC ecosystem, but we see differently. There are more users' needs in altcoin <> stable coin pairs. For traders, no need to trade via BNB pairs. It is quite inefficient because of unnecessary trading fees.
  • Stable coin pairs will attract more trading demands. In doing so, more profit goes to Liquidity Providers and lower fees for traders. Moreover, stable pairs are low-risk in unstable markets.
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