Chill and relax on Kokomo island, where your assets grow. 🏖

What is KokomoSwap?

KokomoSwap is a Binance Smart Chain based AMM (automated market maker) DEX(decentralized exchange) designed to facilitate the seamless transaction of crypto assets in a fun-filled and profitable manner.
The existing methods of trading crypto provide a limited investment experience to holders. We aim to improve the overall user experience by removing the barriers investors face with current crypto trading methods. With KokomoSwap, Crypto investors will be able to maximize the usability of their assets.
The existing methods only provide limited investment experience to the investors. We aim to bring improvements by removing the barriers in the current crypto transaction methods. With KokomoSwap, Crypto investors can maximize the usability of their assets.
Most crypto investors use centralized exchanges that provide an optimized environment for frequent-transact traders(chart, order book, price, and others). However, this environment exposes long-term holders to stresses from the 24/7 price fluctuation of their trusted assets, making them blind to the actual value of their assets. As a result, many people overtrade and incur losses, even during bull markets!! In KokomoSwap, we plan to provide users with liquidity provision, farming, and community-driven token burns in order to maximize investor assets' value.
Our other goal is to overcome the current limitations of decentralized exchanges. With the growth of DeFi markets and DEX from various protocols, we have seen many innovative and successful iterations of DEX platforms. However, most protocols still provide unsatisfactory user experiences due to slow speeds and high transaction fees. In addition, many protocols only focus on supporting their specific ecosystems, without catering to the different needs of a diverse set of holders. KokomoSwap prioritizes community building and we will seek to satisfy the needs of various crypto users by constantly engaging with our evolving ecosystem.
KokomoSwap allows its users to trade crypto and to grow assets in an easy and fun way. It runs on Binance Smart Chain to benefit from faster and lower transaction fees and it provides a refined user experience for both heavy-crypto users and beginners. We want our users to leverage their existing assets to generate additional profits seamlessly (With KokomoSwap, investors get to rest while their crypto assets work for them!).
Moreover, KokomoSwap users and the community can contribute to the ecosystem through various activities with minimal effort. We designed KokomoSwap to be hassle-free and fun to use for everyone. This is why our team named the project Kokomo, a magical island where you can chill and relax. 🏝🍹

What is $KOKOMO?

$KOKOMO is the native governance token of KokomoSwap, and at the same time, it is the reward token for its users. Users may earn $KOKOMO by providing liquidity to KokomoSwap or contributing to our community, and token holders will hold voting power in the decentralized governance of the platform.
Our team will constantly develop a proper burn model for $KOKOMO through governance mechanisms in order to increase the token value. Therefore more benefits will accrue to the community and token holders. As previously mentioned, this strategy also aligns with our core value of letting users chill and relax. 🏄🏽‍♂️
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